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July 4, 2017


FROZEN - AJINOMOTO 5 Vegetable Gyoza With Spinach Pastry 600g

Potstickers, dumplings, or just gyoza, no matter what you call them, they taste great.

Ajinomoto brings you authentic frozen gyoza and meat dishes with authentic Japanese flavours. These vegetarian gyoza are filled with veggie goodness and Japanese flavours to fill your stomach with the best little dumplings available. Wrapped in a spinach pastry, these are perfect for vegetarians or people wanting flavour but also wanting to be healthy. Gyoza can be served a variety of ways including steamed, deep fried, pan fried, or boiled. Add them to a soup, have them as a side, or just have them by themselves with the appropriate gyoza dipping sauce. Sent to you frozen so you can pop it in the freezer and have whenever you want some umami-filled gyoza.

FROZEN - AJINOMOTO 5 Vegetable Gyoza With Spinach Pastry 600g

FROZEN - Salted Seaweed Stem 283g

Korean seaweed side dish that’s made from Miyeok Julgi (stem). A great savory and garlicky banchan that is really easy to make. A perfect way to enjoy the full flavors and nutrition of this wonderful sea plant. Vegan and Gluten-Free.

How to make:

Soak it in cold water and drain it , then cut it a few times (about 7 cm long) and saute with a little vegetable oil. Add some minced garlic, sliced onion, soy sauce or salt, sugar, sesame seeds, and sesame oil. Once you make this, you can keep it in the refrigerator and eat it anytime with rice.

FROZEN - Salted Seaweed Stem 283g


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