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Marukome Quick Serve Instant Miso Soup, Wakame Seaweed, 216 g, 12 servings

12 generous servings of instant miso soup, made with paste-style mild rice miso and wakame seaweed. Wonderfully handy, this pack of 12 sachets is easy to slip into your lunchbox or keep at home so you can always have wonderful miso soup whenever you want it if you have hot water. 

How To Use

Instant miso is ultra quick to make.

• Empty one sachet of miso soup into your bowl or mug.

• Add 160ml of hot water. Stir well and enjoy.

Marukome Quick Serve Instant Miso Soup, Wakame Seaweed, 216 g, 12 servings


ひかり 田舎みそ 400G

Aka Miso is a slightly different concentration of ingredients to other types of miso; Aka Miso is a mix of approximately 70% soy beans, and 30% rice or barley. You might find Aka Miso's stronger taste better for when you want the distinct taste of miso to be prominent in your cooking, perhaps for when making miso-marinated meats.

Aka miso is also known as Red Miso, there are generally three 'colours' of miso; white, yellow and red. The darker the colour, the longer the miso has been fermented. Because of Red Miso's stronger and saltier taste, use it sparingly in your recipes.


water, SOYBEANS, rice, salt, alcohol



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